Oppositions View - Macclesfield Town

How do you assess your sides recent form?

SS: Obviously the cup defeat was very disappointing against Rushden but before that they picked up a morale boosting league win over Brentford so that was encouraging - but everyone's still a bit down about the cup defeat. They've had quite a lot of draws but could do with converting those into victories to make up a few extra points. Everyone's fairly happy with Ian Brightwell at the moment though. There's no discontent around at the moment - I'm certainly not aware of anything.

RW: We've done really well up until the Mansfield game but bounced back after the drubbing at Field Mill to beat Brentford. Against Rushden and
Gritton... Experienced campaigner
Diamonds in the cup we just weren't up for it. We're a bit up and down at the moment. I don't know what's going on.

Who is your danger man?

SS: I'd say Martin Gritton the centre-forward - he's scored a couple of goals this season. He's an experienced campaigner. He has been around a long time at this level.

RW: Probably Martin Gritton - we all know what he can do.

Who else should we look out for?

SS: The Maltese lad at the back, Luke Dimech. He has been playing very well.

RW: Danny Thomas. He is a very fast left winger with a lot of skill.

What is the first thing you think of when you think of Notts County?

SS: The oldest club in the Football League. It's not that long ago since they were in the first division so it's been a bit of a fall for them. Hoepfully they'll be back up there soon.

RW: I really like the ground. I like how we get the stand behind the goal all to ourselves. I really do think it's a good ground at Notts County. And we've never lost at Meadow Lane either, so yeah I really like it there.

Thompson: Deserving of more time?
What do you make of the recent changes at Meadow Lane?

SS: I know Steve Thompson and he'll be really disappointed with what happened. He possibly deserved a bit more time but it just seems to be the trend at the moment. There's a high managerial turnover at the moment which is quite worrying.

Who do you see as Notts' danger man?

RW: I would say Neil MacKenzie but he's injured. He's an old Macc player. I was very impressed when he was with us.

Where do you think you will finish this season?

SS: The aim is to finish closer up towards the playoffs than last season. At the moment they'll be looking over their shoulders a little bit. A couple of wins and they can soon be in the top half pushing for the playoffs after Christmas maybe.

RW: Right in the middle between 10th and 18th. This season is all about consolidation before we get our new ground.

Where do you think you will see Notts come May?

SS: They've had a bit of a struggle really so far this season but if they can
Dimech: 'One to watch' in starting lineup
keep this bit of momentum going from the last few games then we might see them in the playoffs. It's a very tight division. A lot of teams can beat one another.

RW: Probably in the same (10th-18th) group.

What is your likely starting line-up?

RW: Tommy Lee; Carl Reagan, Luke Dimech, Sean Hessey, Kevin McIntyre; Levi Reid, Adam Murray, Terry Dunfield, Danny Thomas; Martin Gritton, Francis Green

What sort of encounter are you expecting?

RW: Macc play it on the ground - it will be an open game, make no mistake.


SS: I'll just say another draw because Macc are the draw specialists.

RW: Knowing Macc it'll be another 1-1 draw.