Oppositions View - Chesterfield

How do you assess your sides recent form?

Well a very disappointing defeat at Macclesfield springs straight to mind. We dominated the opening stages of the game but did not take our chances. Then, they grabbed one just before the break and as often happens, it changes the whole complexity of a match. Chesterfield will be looking to
Richardson...Failed to live up to expectations
bounce back.

Where do you think the season has gone wrong for the Spireites?

Well there was a massive expectation at the start of the season to get promotion and it hasn't happened. Results have not gone the way we would have liked. They have scored 75 goals which is a tremendous achievement. So, not to make the play-offs indicates something is wrong at the back. I think that is fair to say. Chesterfield have leaked too many goals. Aaron Downes and Janos Kovacs have been a little bit error prone and it has been costly. Colin Hawkins was brought in on deadline day but it is always difficult for a player to settle in so late on.

Is this the target area for the summer then?

It has to be yes. Lee Richardson will be looking to add some experience to a relatively young back four. It is the key area to be looked at.

How much blame does Richardson take in his first full season of management?

Everyone has a role to play. There were expectation of a top seven finish and we have not achieved that, so, yes there lies some. But, his job is not under threat. He has a few years left on his current contract and I imagine if he is successful next term, he will see it extended further. He would have learned a lot of lessons and he is a very nice guy. Many people belive he has a long future in the game and if he does well he may have higher clubs looking at
Lester...Wonderful player
him. It is difficult though because he was not a universally popular appointment but there are always mumbles of discontent at any club so it can turn quickly.

Who is your player of the season?

Jack Lester without a doubt. He has also been named as the League Two player of the season as well. He has scored 26 goals and had a great season for us. He is a wonderful player at this level. He may have had more goals as well, if it was not for his badly borken nose against Accrington Stanley. He is certainly the danger man for Saturday. He is just such a good natural finisher. He is also very versatile, that is why he is so difficult to get a hold of. He can play off the shoulder, off the defender or he drops in deep. He just pops up everywhere and should be back to face Notts County.

Who else should we look out for?

Jamie Ward. He has been on fire of late. The Irish international has a very bright future in the game. Playing him alongside Jack Lester has proved the most potent strike partnership.

What have you made of Notts' season?

It is clear to me that the goal scoring department has been County's problem. They have clear problems there. They look to be sound at the back. Maybe they have under-achieved but you only have to look a short way down the road to Mansfield to put the situation into perspective. Notts are there to fight another day at least. You may see it as under-achievment but that is football. Everyone is optimistic at the start of the season, but you can never predict it.

What do you make of Chesterfield's aspirations for next season?

The hope again will be for promotion. The top line will really need to be kept together for that. It would be nice to break into the top three because the play-offs are such a lottery. If you just miss out on the play-offs though things can soon turn a little sour. It is usually a team who creep in late on who win it.

What sort of encounter are you expecting?

We all want an open game and with nothing to play for, maybe we'll get one.


Home win! But enjoy the game...