Oppositions view - Bury

How do you asses your sides recent form?

Recent form has been excellent and we've slowly but surely started to grind

Hurst... Former Notts man a potential danger
out some very decent results. Results bring confidence, confidence brings results, so it's a good situation to be in. The way the lads are playing should see us start moving to lofty positions a little higher up the table.

Who is your danger man?
There's one or two to be wary of, Nicky Adams springs immediately to mind, his recent performances have been excellent.

Who else should we look out for?

Andy Bishop, Glynn Hurst, Paul Scott.

Who do you see as Notts' danger man?

Difficult question to ask, as I work for the club I tend to have tunnel vision and not look at the opposition. The next danger man to me is the next player standing in our way.

Thompson... "fantastic"
How do you rate Notts boss Steve Thompson?

To be honest, as a person - he's fantastic. I've known Steve for a few years now after his visits to the press box covering other teams. I know he's under a spot of pressure at the moment. He's a good manager who will turn it around

Where do you think you will finish this season?

To me a successful season is bettering your last season, anything better than last year will do me.

Where do you think Notts will finish this season?

Again, I don't look at other teams, tunnel vision prevents me from doing that - but after a quick scan of the table - higher than you are now.

What is your starting line-up expected to be?

One goalkeeper and ten outfield players - that'll do for a start.

What sort of encounter are you expecting?

Casper... Bury boss masterminded good away form

A tough one, they are all tough games. There's no such thing as easy games, I don't think there ever has been an easy game.


I work for the club, so of course I'm going for a Bury win. We've done well at Notts in recent years so I expect nothing less than a positive result. Somebody once said that if you win at home and draw away, you'll have a decent season. We've just won our first game at home in nine months, we've also won three away from home and after our away record last season - I quite fancy us to continue this five game undefeated run and stretch it to six.