Oppositions View - Brentford

Last updated : 28 January 2008 By Gary Moss
How do you assess your sides recent form?

Well we have had a pretty spectacular turn around. They were awful before
Butcher... never got best from squad
Andy Scott took over and he has just brought in a couple of players that were at the club but for one reason or another Terry Butcher was not using. They seem to have done the trick really. They are playing a lot more attractive football - knocking the ball around nicely and have become a real threat up front. They are scoring from all angles in recent weeks and form is good.

Why do you think Brentford have struggled to adpapt to life in League Two?

I think they've got to the pace of the division now. It took them a little bit of time but I don't think Terry Butcher really had a true impression of what playing League Two football is all about and that is probably where the problem has been. Andy Scott has been there before and only just stopped playing at that level. I think that experience has really helped them settle over the last couple months.

What were the aims in pre season and where has it gone wrong?

I don't think there is a football fan in the country who doesn't think they can get promoted. There was a general feeling with a new manager on board and the fact that he was so high profile and there was real chance of getting in the play-offs. But I think they are about where most people would expect them to be at the start of the year really.

Scott... For the long haul?
So Butcher had to go would you say?

I don't think necessarily it was down to him. Any manager at Brentford who comes in is always going to struggle in that they've got a shoe string budget and they really have to pick up some bargains. And essentially Terry Butcher just didn't get the best out of them. He had no real experience at League Two level and in the end he couldn't really settle on what his strongest side was whereas Scott has really settled them. There is not many changes.

Did the fans call for his head?

Yes in the final few weeks. There were a lot of disgruntled fans before he was sacked. There will always be people who do that though.

Is Andy Scott someone you see as a long-term manager for the club?

I think he probably is. It is amazing how often when you look back at managers appointments lower down the leagues when a caretaker manager comes in, it is very often they end up getting the job on a full-time basis. He certainly stakes a very good claim for doing that. They've already offered him a new contract and I would have thought he is a long-term prospect at this stage. If we end up anywhere near tha play-offs at the end of the season he would have performed a minor miracle really. He
Poole... Scorer of great goals
would then deserve to be given even longer.

Who is your danger man?

Glenn Poole has really come into his own. Butcher brought him in but he was never really used. Scott threw his straight in and he has been a bit of a revelation. There is a YouTube video montage of his goals since the new manager has come. One of them is similar to Paul Scholes' goal against Bradford - a volley from the corner. He scored one of those against Wycombe Wanderers not so long ago and he has scored some quite spectacular goals .

Who else should we look out for?

Gary Smith and Alan Connell will also need to be looked out for. Along with Poole they have been a great midfield trio. Kevin O'Connor as well, who plays just in front of the back four in a holding role. Lee Thorpe is the only really recognised striker at the club apart from Ross Montague who has been standing in during his injury. While he has been doing a good job he has not scored. It is really the midfield who is doing it for them at the moment.

Where do you see Brentford at the end of the season?

Sixth spot is possible. They could sneak into the play-offs. They would be delighted with that but realistically I don't think they have got the squad big enough to maintain that sort of run. But anywhere around a top ten finish they would be happy with two months ago. To turn that form around, it is funny how it happens. You only have to look at Crystal Palace in the Championship who were in the dumps for ages. They bring in Neil Warnock
Lee... Notts' key man?
and all of a sudden they've got nothing to play for. The pressure is right off and they have gone on an amazing run to the play-offs.

What have you made of Notts' season so far?

Well they haven't been going too well from what I've seen. It must be really frustrating as a City to have Nottingham Forest doing so well in League One. Notts County I always feel are a little bit forgotten and probably don't deserve to be. I would have thought Notts would have had similar thoughts of being towards the top end of the table but for whatever reason they have not done it.

Who do you see as Notts' danger man?

I would say I will be worried about anyone in the team who is a tall and powerful striker. Maybe Jason Lee. Anyone of any size up front is going to cause our defence problems. I would have thought Jason can have a field day.

Where do you see Notts at the end of the season?

I will reserve judgement until I see them tomorrow. Brentford is not an easy place to come on a Tuesday night. It is not a pleasant trip so I don't know how that will work out for you.

What sort of encounter are you expecting?

Brentford have really produced some excellent stuff over the last couple of weeks so it should be a good game. It should be a close one but you can
Thorpe... set to return
never tell what Brentford team is going to turn up on the night. They can either be brilliant or distinctly average. It should be quite competitive.

Any team news?

As far as I know they've got a clear bill of health. Lee Thorpe should be back from injury this week. New loan players should all be in contention. Craig Stone from Gillingham and Jordan Parks from Watford. They have been on a training camp in Spain over the weekend so they should be very fresh. I think it's a good idea to sharpen everyone up a bit. Any time away from your usual environment can be quite a positive thing.


I'm not very good at them, but, 1-1!