Fans View '05: Boston United

Last updated : 17 July 2005 By R.Brown & Scotty Walden

Name: Scott Walden
Web-site: Boston United MAD

How long have you been a supporter of the club?

Since I was five, I think – which makes it 14 years. At home to Macclesfield; but I’m not telling you the score!

What is your view of Notts County going on previous meetings?

Well we’ve played you twice… controversially 2-1 at the Meadow, but we recovered to thrash you at York Street 4-0.

Joachim: Welcome to Boston.
Who of your current crop do you think will cause the rest of the League problems this year?

Well we’ve just signed the former Leeds striker Noel Whelan – he should score a few at this level, having spent his entire career in higher divisions.

Give us some background as to your current situation…

Well the club has a few players signed up for next season, having signed four as at June 8th… but we need a few more. The team had a disappointing end to the season… it started in February after a first home defeat of the season. A good start is necessary this time around and a sustained attempt at the play offs.

Any signings and/or departures worthy of note over the summer?

Signed four so far – Whelan of Aberdeen, Futcher from Lincoln, Johnson from Colchester and the full back from Torquay (Canoville). We also signed some youth lads at the end of the season.. including a keeper from Arsenal and a full back from Villa. It’s looking good on that front.

There weren’t any real surprises in who left at the end of the season.. although Lee Thompson maybe deserved another year.

Do you have the right manager in place?

Well, my opinion is yes – but many other Pilgrims say no. Apparently he is tactically inept and cannot work within a budget. But we shall see…

Anyone in League Two you feel you should look out for?

Northampton will be favourites again, and if they don’t go up they need shooting! They’ve had the money, but now they have a settled manager. They really should do it this season.

York Street in all its glory
Where do you think your side will finish this season?

I think we’ll flirt with the play offs again, but just miss out. A top ten finish is the aim, after last season’s disappointing end to the season.

Any other business…

Well hopefully we’ll be moving to a new ground in a couple of years – when the plans are all sorted and submitted to the council. Four applications for planning permission will need to be submitted at once – it’s complicated.

Plans for our new ground, the site where our current one is, where Boston Town’s ground is (we own the land) and also where a new ground for them is to be built. All this will need sorting before the club can move forward.

Gavin Johnson, Ben Futcher, Lee Canoville, Stewart Talbot, Julian Joachim, Noel Whelan

Departures: Courtney Pitt, Lee Thompson, Dean West

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