Carl Dickinson reveals he didn't want his family near him after defeats

Dickinson said "It was horrible, I would spend car journeys with my family when I wouldn't say a word to them because what we were going through would ruin my weekend.

"I wouldn't say anything to the missus or the kids and I certainly didn't want to be near them after a game if it had not gone well.

"It would kill me on the inside because the defeats were happening every week.

"I don't think my missus has ever seen me like it.

"It might be different for the others, but, for me, training is all designed to win a game of football at the end of the week.

"If you don't perform and don't win, it feels like you've gone through the week only to mess it all up when it comes to the crunch.

"I am a positive person, but when you've lost the following 24 hours ruin you.

"On the Sunday you are thinking about the game and I must admit the club was in a low place.

"It just wasn't working with Sheridan and that sometimes happens,

"But the gaffer has come in with Tommo (Richard Thomas) and it's working really well.

"To get the togetherness in such a short space of time not to mention the results we've been picking up has been amazing.

"There's a winning environment about the place whereas, beforehand, you could sense the anxiety.

"The players could feel it and it was weird.

"Now there are smiles on people's faces and everybody is laughing and joking.

"It has been a lot better. Hopefully we can finish the season well and now take it into next year.

"My aim when I signed for the club last summer was promotion and that hasn't changed.

"I want to be fighting and playing at the top of the league and that's why I signed because I honestly thought we could.

"I want to help this team to where it should be."